What To Do During Your Sailing Holiday In Dubrovnik?


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Placed in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the most alluring cities of Dalmatia that provides tourism and culture collectively with beach time and if you wish sailing time as well. Also known as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”, in 1979 Dubrovnik joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its ancient City Walls, the medieval Old Town and Cathedral.

From the chief port you’ve an incredible panoramic view of the town. Tourist can find lovely beaches & stone coves and definitely a Mediterranean flora where hiking and identical activities are an excellent option. Yacht charter in Dubrovnik could be an excellent option to explore this old city and sail across the enchanting island in Croatia.

With annual temperatures between 20ºC to 35ºC the climate is temperate in winter & extremely hot during summer. The most ideal season for sailing in Dubrovnik is probably the month of summer when you can maximize your beach time. If you prefer more sightseeing, then autumn and spring are perhaps the best season for a trip. Temperatures in this Croatian province, generally never falls below 20ºC, providing 2675 yearly sunshine hours.

What You Shouldn’t Miss in Dubrovnik?

While you’re departing your vessel in the main harbor of the town (Marina Dubrovnik) you certainly require to relish all its places of attraction, nightlife, cuisine, shopping areas and the locals living here. Here I’ve shortlisted some wonderful places to explore during your cruising holiday in Dubrovnik.

1-Placa or Stradum Street: It’s the most important street of Dubrovnik.

2 – The Cathedral: A jewel from the sixth century.

3 -Pile Gate: One entrance door that provide access to Old Town.

4 – The Clock Tower: A very important building in Dubrovnik.

5 – Rector Palace: Old abode of the Duke.

6 – The church of St: Blaise: baroque church

7 – The fountain of Onofrio: Placed just inside the chief entry to the old city.

8 – The island of Lokrum: A splendid natural province with tropical plants & relics of a Benedict Monastery.

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Tips to Choose the Best and Right Yacht Charter in Croatia


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Croatia is a most popular among the sailing enthusiasts and vacation seekers. It will prove to be a great way to meet other people and see many islands and relax on a wonderful Croatia sailing holiday. The Eastern European country- Croatia has long coastlines on the Adriatic Sea that encompasses more than a thousand islands. As one of the premier cruising destinations in the Mediterranean, Croatia features numerous historic sites and Old World Charm.

Are you looking forward to enjoy a comfortable and exciting sailing vacation in Croatia? Do you want to choose a right type yacht in Croatia for your sailing getaway? Here are some great tips that will help you in getting the best yacht charter deal in Croatia:


#1- Consider the Space and Layout or Size:

Before making the deal, you must keep in mind on the size of the yacht. Remember size does matter while choosing a right type of yacht. If you are planning for a week on the Adriatic Sea in very close quarters with your family and friends, then it is important to decide the space, layout and size of the yacht, which suits best. It is important to consider who you are sailing with and what they want, like:

  • Is there a need for private room or bathroom?

  • The number of people sailing with you

  • Are you thinking to bring on your children?

This will help you in choosing the right type of yacht that suits your requirement and enjoy an exhilarating sailing experience in Croatia.


#2- Cruise Duration:

The duration of time you plan to spend on a boat or yacht is important to consider when choosing a yacht charter. In case you want to spend a weekend on sea, then a somewhat smaller boat will work or if you want to spend cruising vacation for around two weeks, then considering a spacious yacht will prove to be comfortable. It is also true that the duration of your rental also plays an important role in influencing the cost.


#3- Budget:

Budget is one of the most necessary part when looking forward to book a yacht charter. Whether you are going to share the cost with your sailing mates/ friend or will be bearing the cost all alone, it is important to consider everyone’s possibilities and requirements before deciding on a fixed amount. With a fixed price range, it will be excellent to start up and filter yacht searching. You also need to be aware of some additional costs when renting a yacht in Croatia, which are like: the skipper, deposit, fuel, docking and extra features (outboard engine, additional sails and more).


#4- Purpose and Yacht Charter Type:

After deciding the number of people and money, it is now time to think about the type of yacht that suits your requirement and fulfills the purpose. To relax and cruise through the clear blue waters of Adriatic sea, you can consider the following yacht charter types like:

  • Bareboat yacht charter

  • Skippered yacht charter

  • Crewed yacht charter

You will get the best deals on Yacht charter dubrovnik at Lighthouse Sailing; we offer an up-to-date and complete database of yachts available for rent at the best price. Whether you want a sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht charter in Croatia, we will offer you the most reliable and best deals.

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A Yacht Lease off the Dalmatian Shoreline Gives the Best of Croatia


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Taking a yacht charter and spending some time discovering the Croatian & Dalmatian shoreline could be the perfect sailing vacation, whether you’re traveling with kids, buddies or as a couple. This heavenly location on the Adriatic Sea boasts both a rich history and culture and everything you could probably wish from a voyage on the waves.

With so much on offer, you may find it difficult to decide where exactly you wish to lease your yacht or bareboat from. One famous spot is Dubrovnik – recognized as the Pearl of the Adriatic to many.

One of the major attractions of this exhilarating walled metropolis is its Old Town, which has been announced a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old Town itself is well worth discovering, as the narrow boulevards are all lined with antique homes that have been constructed in the baroque style. There’re many other places you must visit including the Bell Tower – where bronze sculptures hit the bell to mark the hour – and the gothic resurgence magnificence of Sponza Palace.


Before you all set for a sailing experience, ensure you experience some of the finest sights of Dubrovnik by walking along its walls. You could also heat towards Lapad Beach if you prefer to unwind on the white sand in the shade of trees.

Setting sail on your yacht charter you’ll find many gorgeous islands waiting to be explored. All of diverse shapes & sizes. The limestone islet of Bisevo is one place that you don’t want to miss.

There are so many other islands waiting to be explored if you choose this route, you may not even have time to visit them all as you let the steady winds guide you around.

If cruising the waves around lovely & isolated islets sounds like your idea of a tailor-made getaway then you could cast off from Pula – further north up the shore. This town is also opulence in monumental sites, including one of the biggest amphitheatres in the globe and a town square that stands on the site of a historic Roman forum.


If you want a break that combines quiet sailing around a beautiful coastline with stops at vibrant towns then heading off from Kremik could be perfect for you. By placing yourself in the Central Dalmatian cruising area you will be in the ideal spot for navigating the calm waters around Split, Hvar, Brac, Korcula and the Kornati National Park.

Croatia simply has so much to offer that you are sure to want to charter a yacht here again soon.

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Things to Consider Before Opting for a Charter Boat in Croatia


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Sailing holidays are becoming popular among the people who want to enjoy a unique vacation experience. In this case yacht rental in Croatia will open a door to the world of unique and unforgettable experiences. Croatia is a young and vibrant charter destination, which is visited by a huge number of sailing enthusiasts each year. As a well-known yachting, sailing and cruising destination, Croatia is the place where, you will find the perfect blend of tasty Mediterranean food, magnificent blend of ancient culture and beautiful nature.

Croatia BoatingIn order to have utmost fun and enjoy a memorable sailing vacation, it becomes important to consider a few things before renting a boat in Croatia. Please read on!

Croatia Boating

#First Thing- Type of Boat:

The choice of selecting a vessel depends entirely on your requirements and preferences such as:

  • Sailboats– These types of boats are enjoying an active vacation with family. Sailboats are best for smoothly cruising and exploring the sea, islands and coastline.
  • Catamarans– These types of boats will offer you stability and comfort. For non-experienced sailors catamarans are considered to be somewhat more comfortable and suitable.
  • Motor Boats– Motor boats are considered to be best for speed sailing enthusiasts.

#Second Thing- Consider an Experienced Skipper:


When renting a boat in Croatia, it is important to decide whether you want a skippered boat or to sail the boat yourself. For sailing on beautiful yet unfamiliar waters of Croatia, you should consider a licensed skipper. Having experienced crew on board will ensure you an enjoying, safe and comfortable cruising experience. A professional skipper who is well acquainted with the Adriatic region will be able to suggest the most interesting places for swimming, fishing and having fun.

#Third Thing- Choose your sailing region in Croatia:

Croatia boasts spectacular sailing regions such as:

  • Istria and Kvarner– One of the largest Croatian peninsula, Istria is a places of immense natural diversity and cultural heritage. In this region you will find beautiful bays and beaches as well as fishing villages, which will contribute to a perfect sailing vacation.
  • North Dalmatia– This is the northern region of Croatia, which offers a variety of highlights like preserved medieval towns along the coast. While offshore, you will get an opportunity to explore dozens of islands with ancient stone villages and beautiful bays.
  • Central Dalmatia– While sailing in Central Dalmatia you can visit Trogir (a beautiful old town) and explore a typical Dalmatian fishing village- Rogoznica. In this part, you can also witness a natural attraction- the Kornati archipelago (a collection of enchantingly bare and uninhabited islands).
  • South Dalmatia– The southern Dalmatian islands are the best place to experience a perfect mix of the Mediterranean tradition with modern chic. Here, you will also get an opportunity to experience the beautiful beaches and laid-back ambiance on the islands of Brac and Korcula.


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