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Placed in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the most alluring cities of Dalmatia that provides tourism and culture collectively with beach time and if you wish sailing time as well. Also known as “The Pearl of the Adriatic”, in 1979 Dubrovnik joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its ancient City Walls, the medieval Old Town and Cathedral.

From the chief port you’ve an incredible panoramic view of the town. Tourist can find lovely beaches & stone coves and definitely a Mediterranean flora where hiking and identical activities are an excellent option. Yacht charter in Dubrovnik could be an excellent option to explore this old city and sail across the enchanting island in Croatia.

With annual temperatures between 20ºC to 35ºC the climate is temperate in winter & extremely hot during summer. The most ideal season for sailing in Dubrovnik is probably the month of summer when you can maximize your beach time. If you prefer more sightseeing, then autumn and spring are perhaps the best season for a trip. Temperatures in this Croatian province, generally never falls below 20ºC, providing 2675 yearly sunshine hours.

What You Shouldn’t Miss in Dubrovnik?

While you’re departing your vessel in the main harbor of the town (Marina Dubrovnik) you certainly require to relish all its places of attraction, nightlife, cuisine, shopping areas and the locals living here. Here I’ve shortlisted some wonderful places to explore during your cruising holiday in Dubrovnik.

1-Placa or Stradum Street: It’s the most important street of Dubrovnik.

2 – The Cathedral: A jewel from the sixth century.

3 -Pile Gate: One entrance door that provide access to Old Town.

4 – The Clock Tower: A very important building in Dubrovnik.

5 – Rector Palace: Old abode of the Duke.

6 – The church of St: Blaise: baroque church

7 – The fountain of Onofrio: Placed just inside the chief entry to the old city.

8 – The island of Lokrum: A splendid natural province with tropical plants & relics of a Benedict Monastery.

To maximize your sailing experience in Dubrovnik, make sure you’ve access to a charter boat from a reliable supplier. Book a Sailing boat in Dubrovnik through Lighthouse Sailing and get ready for an exciting cruising vacation! For any help, feel free to e-mail us at josip@lighthousesailing.com.com.